Ulysses was lost, a seeker whose journey seemed to have lost any meaning beyond the determination to keep moving forward. He was betwixt and between the battle that was over and the home he sought to reclaim, tossed upon the dangerous flowing currents of Poseidon, walking the strange paths of transformation set down by Hermes.

In our own time, we experience a similar sense of disorientation, knowing that the easy rules of the past no longer apply, and unsure where the future will lead us. Some say that the mythic vision of the past is gone forever, and that the doors of ritual initiation are closed to us.

Others perceive that the ways of ritual and myth always took their travelers through strange lands. The challenge of our time is not to abandon the deeper quest for meaning, but to search for its surviving roots, winding their dark ways to the wellsprings that run beneath the silicon shells we have devised.

As Telemachus discovered, in finding Ulysses we find ourselves.

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